Garage Door Panel Sectional Replacement Service

Accidents can happen to anyone at any time. Garage Tec Dallas understand that the garage door is one of the main entry points to most houses. As such, it cant be left damaged or opened. In cases such as these we offer garage door panels replacement sectionals. We can come to your home quickly and easily, and replaced the damage or broken sectional panels no matter the cause. In case you have 2 more more section panels to replace, it is often more valuable to replace the entire garage door.

Should I get my Garage Door Panel Replaced?

Depending on the age, condition, and other factors, you might want to consider replacing your garage door panel. For example, your garage door panel might be slightly bent and causing the garage door system to gam at times while opening it, risking other issues or damages as a result. Another reason might be age of the panel, or color. If a garage door sectional panel seems old, rusty, or just banged up, you often might want to replace it.

Although the sectional panel appear to be just an aestetic issue for many, it is a vital part of your garage door system. The garage door torsion spring torque is measured diretly and linked to the bottom panel, which often tends to be the one that gets damage during accidents. If this panel is compromised, the integrity and functionality of the entire garage door system is greatly reduced, and many other issues and damages might occur.

Depending on the location of the garage door, the type of door, opener, and aestetical consideration, one might prefer to replace the whole door rather than just a sectional. Although the garage door panel section can always be painted to match, and its aestetics are not a prime concern (for example in cases where your garage door is connected to a shed or external structure with low security and importance on looks), however in many cases replacing the panel is just a band-aid type of quick fix. And in cases where you need to replace 2 or more garage door panels, it might be more cost effective, secure, and efficient to replace the entire garage door. However, as we tell most customers, in most cases, assuming no other issue are affected by the garage door panel, replacing the entire door is not required in order to repair simply on garage door section panel.

Can I always replace just a single a panel?

For the most part, absolutly. However, in cases of garage door models no longer in circulation, for example old models for 15-20 years or more, will have no available matching parts without extensive research and often a higher cost.

In these cases you will need, in most cases,to replace the entire garage door.

Ok, So I decided to replace my Garage Door Panels?

If you took all of these factors into account, and still decided to get a replacement garage door panel, although possible, it is highly unadviseable to replace them yourself. Most manufacturers recommend calling a professional to perform the installation.

In addition, the bottom section panel of the garage door, which more often than not is the one damaged during an accident, is extremely risky to attempt replacing yourself. This panel is directly connected to the cable and used to countermeasure the torque from your garage door torsion springs. As a resault, wrong handling can easily cause the entire system damage, and might potentially lead to injury.

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